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Distributed control and simulAtion platform to support an Ecosystem of DigitAL aUtomation developerS

No more barriers and integration problems thanks to a single ecosystem

Daedalus aims to promote the maximum dissemination of the concept of integrated intelligence of Cyber Physical Systems through the adoption of a platform for distributed automation based on the IEC-61499 standard. The objective is the creation of a digital ecosystem that overcomes the current limits of control systems in the manufacturing sector and that proposes innovative solutions for the design, engineering, production and maintenance of automated systems.

All available in a single marketplace, controlled and guaranteed for maximum reliability and security

CONCEPT: OWL contributed to the project, designing and creating the Daedalus Marketplace, where demand and supply meet to allow the growth of the ecosystem in total safety and with multiple levels of control to ensure maximum reliability.

FUNCTIONALITY VALIDATION: thanks to a list of accredited partners, it is possible to request validation of your own code. This is very important because it allows anybody to be sure that the service or product purchased does exactly what is necessary and that it has no output other than those listed in the specifications; this makes for  an extra control element inserted with respect to a supplier.

The marketplace foresees the presence of partners dedicated to the validation of the specifications indicated by the producers. The validation request is in any case optional, although it provides an unquestionable advantage to those who wish to make use of it, as a third party will have verified their claim.

MULTIPLE BUSINESS MODELS: Enhance work and experience by making it as eclectic and versatile as possible. Great care has been taken in the many possible business models and, consequently, the architecture provides a large degree of flexibility.

GREAT USABILITY: The farsightedness of the partners and of the project itself has made it possible to invest heavily in usability where structures, functionalities and classic use methods of the B2C marketplaces have been adopted, in order to provide a B2B service with a very friendly and intuitive approach, consequently increasing the engagement of the user, his attention and the desired diffusion of the platform.

SIMPLE SEARCH THANKS TO ELASTIC SEARCH: find what you are looking for, even if you don’t know exactly how to describe it or how to look for it; these were the considerations upstream of the adoption of Elastic Search, its study and its implementation. Everyone in our daily life is now accustomed to powerful online search services that “understand us”; we wanted to do the same to give the same experience in using the marketplace.

OWL Solutions is extremely grateful to all partners for the very interesting and constructive experience; the know-how acquired in a process of this magnitude is certainly unique and valuable, on the other hand we are proud that our skills we could bring added value to a European-scale project of great impact in the world of ‘Industry Automation.

More info at:  www.daedalus.iec61499.eu



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